The Nature of Success

The key to being wildly successful is listening to your inner voice and trusting it.

Right now, you don’t trust yourself. You let your head override your gut and you pay for it dearly. Listen to your heart—not like you’re trying to divine something from outside. This comes from inside. It’s provided for you. 

Your duality is your cosmic spirit in a body/physical form. Being able to align your chakras brings your body and soul in alignment so the two are more connected. It is possible to achieve a permanent connection, but it takes time as one gets closer and closer to complete unity with each experience/alignment. But still, when bad things happen to trigger patterned behavior, we slip further and further away from alignment. Some chakras will align to compensate for others. 

Karma is when you are so far out of alignment that you attract energy to you to push you back into alignment. Positive karma is when you are aligned and attract energy to maintain alignment. It’s a push/pull scenario. Being honest about what you want (facing it) and pulling it toward you is how you build good karma. Bad karma occurs when you rebel and push something away from you—you don’t learn anything…and it comes back with greater intensity.