The Nature of Purpose

If we’re in the flow, things are happening for us all the time, we get what we need, which some call manifestation. When we are surfing the present and trusting that everything is working in our favor, then it truly is. But it’s not like The Truman Show in the sense that there’s just one person who is the focus, it is that each individual person is the center because we all have our own present and our own perspective.

If we were all in the present together, then we would be much more assistive and accommodating of one another because we would recognize the opportunity in that connection as opposed to feeling threatened or getting angry or lashing out or whatever is happening now. When people are at odds with one another—they’re either living in the past or the future—focusing on past trauma, trying to prevent future trauma based on past trauma. They’re just not in the present, period. The key is being present and accepting that in that presence, everything is working in your favor. And more to that, you can call up knowledge, so it’s not just events or meeting people (those types of serendipities) but from the present moment, you can also access information that is a part of the universal consciousness, like a stream that you can just tap into. And I get drips and drabs from it, like the weather, or random things, my sister does as well, intuiting useless, but accurate bits of information. 

I can only channel truth unadulterated by me as a human being. If there’s something that comes to me as a topic that I personally have strong emotions about or opinions about and I can’t step aside and let the information come as a result of those biases then it just doesn’t. Then there’s nothing, it’s just blank, which actually makes a lot of sense because those feelings disrupt the flow. They have a specific dimensionality to them that disallows access to source. 

I’m becoming much better at releasing myself from the third dimension to explore as I’m finding that it’s safe. There is no danger. When I decide that it’s totally safe and I let go and take that leap, then it will accelerate and, in trusting myself, I will realize everything—my gifts and my purpose, the things that seem like I only have small clues about at this point. I don’t believe that it will be total enlightenment.

It’s getting easier and easier for me to return to the present and a daily meditation practice will definitely help me do that and accelerate it by improving my ability to return to the present. I need to decide what I’m going to do with these gifts and what I want because right now I’m expecting others to tell me what to do. I need to feel for what is right to do, which doesn’t even need to be immediate. I’m here for a reason, I’m going to keep exploring why.