The Nature of Connection

I was imagining karma, the process of karma being something like coming to this plane to learn a set of lessons that you have not yet learned—things that you don’t know, experiences you’ve never had. And that you unburden yourself the more you learn and stretch and overcome issues in your life. But there’s another aspect of it that is teaching others what you learn or have learned, which is exponentially more powerful than learning your own lessons, but particularly when you combine them, when at a given moment you are simultaneously working on your own issues and teaching others what you’ve learned, and trying to learn from others because they’ve had a different set of experiences and different challenges and different knowledge they can enrich your life with. It’s the most powerful energy exchange that there can be between two humans.

It’s not just intellectual teaching, it’s emotional teaching, it’s spiritual teaching. When you are speaking from the heart and laying bare your experience for others to witness, it’s extremely powerful because it’s a heart-to-heart energetic connection. Open hearts—two open systems having an energy exchange and experiencing oneness for even a moment—fleeting seconds. We start to realize that this separateness that we experience is an illusion and we find ourselves seeking open-hearted connection more often than not and in doing so, uniting with something greater than ourselves, consciously, more and more, and realizing this is something this is how it always has been and always should be. We just lacked awareness. We forgot how to do that. 

In those exchanges, the abilities that we have to create are immediate and powerful. There’s nothing frightening about it. We’ve been so fearful of being seen, of being felt, so afraid of judgement. We’ve closed ourselves up. Some of us. You can’t close up, but we don’t realize it. We don’t even know. We don’t even notice the connection that’s constant. It’s overwhelming to us because it’s alien and doesn’t fit our comprehension and so we convince ourselves we’re crazy or that there’s something wrong with us, that we feel “off” that we feel weird, but what we’re feeling is everything. We just don’t know it and it feels scary. It feels threatening because it’s big and it’s looming but it’s not scary. It is big. And it is ever-present, but it creates chaos. It’s creating utter chaos because everyone is so fearful and angry and that’s what we’re getting more of. And those people who are fearful and angry believe that anyone behaving differently is crazy. We sometimes believe it ourselves. But we’re not crazy, we’re just turning toward the monster and we’re staring at its face and we’re realizing that it’s not a monster. It doesn’t have to be anyways. It’s something that can be really beautiful and peaceful and positive. We just have to believe that is what we deserve and believe it is possible.

It doesn’t matter how you got here. You’re here now.