The Nature of Change

Our concept of truth has to be elastic enough for us to be able to accept even just the hint of a different reality, or a different dimension to reality we aren’t experiencing. We have been so solidified in black-and-white thinking and other rigid patterns of thought that follow a survival mindset, like “Will this help me live? Yes” or “Will this kill me? No”.

The chaos happening on the planet right now is shaking our perceptions, and shaking us loose of the rigid commitment to there being a capital T truth (objective truth/objective reality). So here we are. In this strange place where we’re taking our first steps away from the comfort of certainty toward the unknown. 

A lot of small changes constitute a big change (evolution). We are dealing with change more rapidly on a small scale than we ever have before and it just flows upward. So the larger changes of the whole system are happening more rapidly, and we still struggle with change–accepting change, accepting our new realities. That’s what change is: reframing reality. Change is reframing reality. Because the effort of that reframe has creative power, it has creative energy.