The Nature of Reality

When you are invested in this idea of reality as a constant, you are less able to adapt to change, you are less able to accept that your perception of reality is not actual, you become more deeply embedded in your own perception of what is true. It’s problematic because you begin to accept that as a capital T Truth. When you are situated in judgement of others, you are deepening your purchase in your own concept of what Truth is and what that reality is, and so you are less agile in your ability to adapt to new information, to respond and allow for others to influence you and provide you with more pieces to the puzzle of reality.

When we ingratiate ourselves in our own siloes or echo chambers (surrounding ourselves with people who think similarly to us—who share the same perception of reality) we are doing ourselves a tremendous disservice because we are just more fully digging into that perception and disallowing the possibility for anything to be different. The Truth is chaos and constant change. The Truth is there is no capital T. Everything is a variant and we have to have comfort in holding all of those things together in order to fully expand (grow). 

The Nature of Instinct

If you have really good instincts you can be good at anything because instincts come from a place of uninhibited access to something, like unfiltered stream of consciousness, and it’s not specific to any one thing necessarily. We just tend to have stronger instincts in certain areas because we are sensing something from a past experience or a past life, so it’s kind of like a remembering.

Once you get the hang of instincts and understand their true nature, you can channel instincts about anything because you’re just tapping into some kind of unfiltered stream of consciousness. You might be tapping into someone else’s instincts—not an individual, but an entity—some other experience in the ether that you still can access because you know what instincts feel like. You have acquired the ability to trust them in every circumstance.